Friday, October 15, 2010

House Tutorial Part 4

Ok back with the roof.
For this I use: 2 pieces of c/board cut to fit either side of the roof with a cutout for the chimney.
2 pieces of c/board cut to match the angle of the walls.
Matchsticks for support.
Scouring pads for the tharch.(use the cheap one's and splt them)
Masking tape.

I then stick the 2 roof halves together with masking tape - glue in the angled pieces and supports.

Once everthing has dried I paint the roof and then start lying on the Thatch.
I cut strips of equaal width and one slightly wider.Then the strips are glued on one overlapping the other.Once both sides are done I use the wider strip to form the roof cap.

I normally use another material for thatch but I thought I would try the scourer this time - hold thumbs.

Next the complete house.


  1. How are the houses coming along? Very interested in the progress of these!

  2. I had 2 strokes a few days after this post and alot of my "stuff" wasthrown away by a domestic that came in.



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