Thursday, January 24, 2013


5 from PSC.



Cammo done.

Decals added.


Got 1 each of Panzer II.III and IV to start this force.

Panzer II.

Panzer III

Panzer IV.

Sd.kfz 222 - 223

I got 3 of these for a recon platoon.Two 222 and 1 222  converted to a 223 Radio car.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Road and Building Signs

Thought I would share these:( for PDF'S)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I used tongue depressor sticks as bases.
Strips of old mouse pad foam were used as the "frame".
I made short,long,T and gapped" stands

I painted with brown paint and covered them with white glue and sand..

Around the bottom of the "bases" I glued on Kitty litter and painted them brown.(sorry no pic)
I used home made foliage made from foam run thru a blender and dyed with food dye and paint,
When dry soaked in white glue - left to dry in a lump and then broken up into pieces.

 Then I used a gluegun to glue on the foliage.

Monday, January 7, 2013

"Mini Racks"

I needed a way to store my mini's once sorted and basecoated.
Saw guys using popsicle sticks old paint tubs ect,I came up with this idea.

A peace of chipboard drilled with a matrix of holes.

To avoid buying things I used what I had push pins,nails and screws.

I stick each "mini" to a "pin" mount them on the plank.(Using "prestick)

Having them like this I can take out and hold each one and turn it at any angle.

Having 4 vertical holes I can mount each team separatly being it a 2.3 .4 or 3 with a weapon together.

All my lovely painting waiting and there is more!

Paint Caddy

My Paint Caddy was built from:
  1. CD Spindle cases.
  2. A old Breadboard
  3. Old Foam Mouse Pads
  4. Lenth of 6mm "Ready Bolt"
  5. Rubber feet
  6. 6mm nuts and washers
  7. Caps of medicine tubs for spacers or some washers with a large hole in the centre.
  8. Rubber feet and screws

Start by drilling 6.5 mm holes in spindle lids.

Cut of the "posts" of the spindle bottoms and drill a hole in the centre of the top.

 Drill a hole in the centre of your base board and mount readt bolt with nuts and washers top and bottom.

I use the tub caps to account for the funny shape of the spindle tops

The mouse pads are cut into circles with centre holes to fit over spindle posts.

These are used for thin paint bottles to keep them standing up.(a few layers might be needed)

Ok now you build it up in layers to fit your paint bottle sizes(you might need extra post spacers)

Right on top I use a wingnut to keep it all tight(works loose wit rotating your shelves)

I mounted 6 rubber feet under the board for stabilty.

Any questions just post a comment.


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