Friday, October 15, 2010

House Tutorial Part 4

Ok back with the roof.
For this I use: 2 pieces of c/board cut to fit either side of the roof with a cutout for the chimney.
2 pieces of c/board cut to match the angle of the walls.
Matchsticks for support.
Scouring pads for the tharch.(use the cheap one's and splt them)
Masking tape.

I then stick the 2 roof halves together with masking tape - glue in the angled pieces and supports.

Once everthing has dried I paint the roof and then start lying on the Thatch.
I cut strips of equaal width and one slightly wider.Then the strips are glued on one overlapping the other.Once both sides are done I use the wider strip to form the roof cap.

I normally use another material for thatch but I thought I would try the scourer this time - hold thumbs.

Next the complete house.

Monday, October 4, 2010

House Tutorial Part 3

Ok painted house then applied plaster.(tissue paper,flour and white glue).Ithen painted the plaster and planking,door and window frames.

Things need to be tidtied up and maybe the door should be a different color than the planking.
Please tell me what you think, because If they ar bad I don't want to make 15 of them.
Next time the roof.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

House Tutorial Part 2

Ok the doors and window frames where added - made of matchsticks aswell as the planking made of coffee stir sticks.

Next is to give the whole house a base coat of paint and then add the wall plaster.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

House Tutorial

I will be showing you my method of building cardbaord houses.This is a WIP so I will post as my current project progres.I am busy making what will hopefully be 15 Wattle & Daub buildings. The first thing is to find some templates on the web.I like templates because you can print as many as you want and cuts out alot of measuring. Here is what I mean.

Here are some links to some good one's.If you have or know of any post the links for us to share. once you have your temp. ,print them out on plain paper.

I use a good quality 2mm cardeboard(not the plain brown stuff).Here is what I mean a Motherboard box.

Then using white glue, glue them to your cardboard.Once it is dry cut them out.

You must also make a base - you can use the measurements from your temp.I always make them bigger and trim them later. Now take your front,back and 2 sides and glue them to form a box.I use pins to hold things together.Then glue corner supports into the corners.I make the supports by glueing multiple pieces of card together.

Now glue the whole assembly to your base

I use matchsticks to help secure the walls to the base

For chimney's Ialso just glue multiple strips together

Please leave some comment - good or bad.In the next step we we look at doing the doors,windows and planking.

Friday, October 1, 2010


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